Caring for Fresh Cut Flowers

Caring for Fresh Cut Flowers

Plenty of fresh water is and important part of caring for your flowers.
Proper care for your fresh cut flowers will help extend their life.

Fresh cut flowers add beauty to any room. And, how you care for fresh flowers makes a big difference in how long they last. Whether you buy professionally designed arrangements from a flower shop or cut them from your yard, there are a few simple steps you can take to enjoy them a little longer.

A Clean Vase
If you purchase your arrangement from a reputable florist, your vase was clean before flowers were added. If you’re reusing an existing vase or moving an arrangement from one vase to another, it is very important that the vase has been thoroughly cleaned before you add new flowers. Cut flowers are unable to filter out bacteria and fungi (their roots did this for them before they were cut). Vases with remnants of dirt and stems from previous uses increase the chances that bacteria will shorten the lifespan of your new flowers.

Clean, Good Quality Water
Keep in mind all fresh flowers will decay – it’s nature taking its course. Whether your flowers came arranged from a florist or you cut them yourself, your water will need to be changed periodically. If your water isn’t clear, pour it out and add clean, lukewarm water (100 – 110° F). There is no need to pull the flowers out if you don’t see any film on the vase.

If you do see slim or film, simply pull out the flowers as they are in the vase, place them in a pitcher of clean water, clean your vase, and return your flowers. At this point, it is also a good idea to use clippers or a knife and trim about an inch off the bottom of the flowers so they can drink. It is also a good time to add fresh cut flower food.

Feed Your Flowers
Fresh flower food simulates a flower’s original environment and will help it reach its full potential. Make sure to use fresh flower food, not fertilizer, and measure the recommended amount.

Re-cut The Stems
It’s important to re-cut the stems every few days so the flowers can continue to drink and get nutrients. A general rule of thumb is to take off about an inch, cutting the stems at an angle so they aren’t resting flat on the bottom of the container.

Remove Foliage
Any leaves that fall below the water line should be removed to help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. It’s important to keep foliage above the water line in tact. It is also important to remove any flowers that begin looking tired – this allows the healthy flowers to last longer.

Water Daily
Fresh cut flowers drink A LOT. Remember, check the water level and replenish it daily. If the water begins to look cloudy or discolored, follow the directions above for clean, good quality water.

More Things To Remember About Cut Flowers:

  • AVOID adding “homemade flower food,” aspirin, soda, bleach or vodka to the water – these are wives’ tales and do not add to the life of your flowers
  • Avoid placing your flowers near fresh fruit – the ethylene gas fruit produces takes away from the life of your flowers
  • Keep cut flowers away from direct sunlight, the television, and other heat sources
  • Only use flower food in glass or plastic vases – lead crystal and metal containers react to the acid in the flower food

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