She loves me… The beloved Daisy

She loves me… The beloved Daisy

“He loves me, he loves me not” is a French game, where the player picks a petal off a flower (usually a daisy) while saying “he/she loves me” or “he/she loves me not” to determine if the object of his or her affection loves them. The final petal is said to seal their fate.

Today, the daisy is still a symbol of affection – it represents innocence, purity and true love. As composite flowers, they are actually two flowers combined as one: a disc floret in the center and the outer petals (ray floret). Because they blend together as one, they symbolize true love.

Daisies come in many colors. While the colors of daisies aren’t as commonly associated with a particular meaning as roses are, some of the more familiar meanings are:
White – purity and innocence
Yellow – happiness, joy and friendship
Pink – love, romance and gentleness

Daisies make beautiful arrangements on their own. They also add delight, and are most often used, in mixed floral designs, ranging from roses and lilies to mums and more.

While the beloved daisy may not be able to tell whether he or she loves you – one thing is certain – this timeless classic has a long been loved and brings a smile to all those who receive it.

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